Hyde Denmarks Weird Artichoke

Hi-hi! Well, my health is not good enough for creating something big, so I’ve created this small set. Comment from @immerso-sims under previously post with WIP inspire me for name of this set. Thank you! ❤ Set incl: 1-3  Poul Henningsen PH Ceiling\Floor\Table lamps. (1 pic) 4-5 Aeroslon Life Table\Floor lamps (2 pic) 6. Poul Henningsen Snowball […]

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Happy Christmas!

Good day to all of you! Long time no see! Today I want to wish you a happy Christmas and share a little gift. This is not fully, but furnished house with new objects. Some of it you can find in archive in folder, others install with Lot in package. Many thanks to all CCCreators […]

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Just a Skylines of my downtown… How much time has lost, before I realized how to make reflections on the buildings… haha… I think I need more of it! XD

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Hyde Meinekatz Lights

 Hello! How are you? New conversions from me. From The Sims 4 to Sims 2! Again it’s an excellent  works from @meinkatz. Lights and one chair. All credits, TOU and BIG Thanks to @meinkatz! Set inc: — Roly-poly chair with 5 recolors — Beam Table Lamp with 3 recolors — Binic Table Lamp with 5 […]

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Hyde Heracleum by Meinkatz

Another good day! It’s me Again! Well, in my country, is very cold, but good! XD No matter. Today I want to share with you the conversion of Heracleum Ceiling Lights (Heracleum II and Heracleum Big O) by Magnificent @meinkatz!  Nonny asked about it @candydarlings in this post. And Here it is. I’ve created a two […]

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Hyde Streets & Gardens

Good day to all of you! Hmm, this set must be a gift for a summer, but… well… Just lets imagine summer is not ended yet? Some objects you can see on Levels Plaza. Set incl: — Circles ceiling lights — Tube Ceiling lights — Wooden bench — Hammock armchair — Stone Hand Sculpture — […]

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WCIF from kacicka777 about plaza

__________ kacicka777 asked: Hi, Natalie! I love love love your latest building and want to ask about white floor, wooden floor and also all wall coverings from 4. pic /lounge room/ from this post post/179453972297/hi-hi-i-need-more-glass-objects-more-or-just, WCIF them? Thank you in advance 🙂 __________ Hi-hi!  I’m glad you like it!  Here, the list with this walls\floors […]

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Hyde Fake Glass 3

Hi-hi! I need more glass objects! More!!! Or, just another set with deco glass pieces… Set incl: — 2 artdeco doors — Vertical garage door — well, for me it’s a big window, but in original it’s a garage door. — Busstop — Wood + glass window — Glass Tent — Glass roof pieces. Files […]

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Levels Plaza

Good day! Oh… I think what this Lot is most huge of all of my Lots, just because I’ve reached the limits of walls. Yep, some wall from it — bbniches! I’ve builded a shape last year, when I’ve returned from vacation, and finished interiors last weekend. I LOVE it very much, because it’s looks […]

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