Hyde Denmarks Weird Artichoke


Well, my health is not good enough for creating something big, so I’ve created this small set. Comment from @immerso-sims under previously post with WIP inspire me for name of this set. Thank you! ❤

Set incl:


Poul Henningsen PH Ceiling\Floor\Table lamps. (1 pic)

4-5 Aeroslon Life Table\Floor lamps (2 pic)

6. Poul Henningsen

Snowball by Louis Poulsen (3 pic)

7. Poul Henningsen

 Artichoke — Louis Poulse (3 pic)


EGLO LORENA OUTDOOR Floor lamp (last pic)

9-10 convert of @13pumpkin31 Simple Sofa Set, request by @kim-simpearls at simpearl forum. 

All credits, TOU and BIG Thanks to @13pumpkin31! (3 pic)

Files are compressed, collection file is included.

!!!WARNING — HPobjects!!!

DO NOT claim my creations as your own;
DO NOT upload my creations to any paysites;
DO NOT convert to other game 3&4.


Grab it here: SFS (full set)  |   SFS (Simple Sofa Set only)

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