Hyde X CD — False Kings Mannor (Reblog)

___________________________________________________________________ @candydarlings: Darlings, Another gift for all of you! This time, not only from me! As some of you remember, I had a great pleasure of collaborating with the amazingly talented @nelphaell in creating this lot. Natalia was the architect and I was the interior designer and decorator. She named it False Kings because a […]

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False Kings Preview

Good day to all of you! Last news before I’ll go to vacation after tomorrow! Sweetest @candydarlings offered me for some collaboration! And here it is! New lot from us. I’ve builded a shape (and create some new deco for this), she will made interior and floorplan. Now lot goes to her!  Thank you darling […]

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hyde & kacicka777 Grayson Manor (reblog)

__________________________________________________________________ @kacicka777: GRAYSON MANOR Today is that Day 😀 Project made as a request for @captainrainbowunicornstuff, realized thanks to unbelievable construction skills of @nelphaell. Manor is a big lot with many rooms, dining rooms, salons, bedrooms, bathrooms… so I highly recommend you to follow this tutorial to avoid crashing your game — https://lifasims.livejournal.com/3738.html . It […]

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Hyde Organic Set

Good day to you! New set with 20 new seatings! 6 armchairs, 2 lounge and 12 chairs. For set you may say thank you to @carriests2designsworld, because she is the one who requested two chairs in this topic on simpearls forum.  Set incl. from left to right: 1. Moroso One Skin Chair 2. Riva1920 Vitae […]

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