Hyde Streets & Gardens

Good day to all of you!

Hmm, this set must be a gift for a summer, but… well… Just lets imagine summer is not ended yet? ^^’

Some objects you can see on Levels Plaza.

Set incl:

— Circles ceiling lights

— Tube Ceiling lights

— Wooden bench

— Hammock armchair

— Stone Hand Sculpture

— Marble Gazebo — deco

— Parcomat (parking meter) for parking — deco

— Rispal Mante Religieuse — floor lamp

— ToiToi Toilet — deco

— Stump and Mountain — deco.

— 4 different umbrellas with open and closed version

— Pedestrian Bridge

— 5 different Tents.

Files are compressed, collection file is included.

!!!WARNING — HPobjects!!!
DO NOT claim my creations as your own;
DO NOT upload my creations to any paysites;
DO NOT convert to other game 3&4.

Grab it here: SFS

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