WCIF from kacicka777 about plaza


kacicka777 asked:

Hi, Natalie! I love love love your latest building and want to ask about white floor, wooden floor and also all wall coverings from 4. pic /lounge room/ from this post post/179453972297/hi-hi-i-need-more-glass-objects-more-or-just, WCIF them? Thank you in advance 🙂

Hi-hi!  I’m glad you like it! 

Here, the list with this walls\floors from this picture:

— White background wall is Adele’s Odette Build Set  and part on SS its a BBNiches recolor by @pikkonsimmingdownloads. Here the link with Odette Set.

— Wooden Panel by @fakebloood. Gift with panels here.

— White floor by @poppet-sims. Set called “Wooden Heart”. Link.

— White Floor on the ceiling — Project Delta Livingroom floor.

— Wooden Floor. — I’m really dont know WCIF this floor. I think what I’ve downloaded it with somehow Lot. It’s called in the game: fl di 1 by di. But, here the link to file. If someone know where and who created and shared it, let me know!

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